Alter Ego

by Cameron Taylor

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Everybody has an alter ego....

Alter Ego
Produced and Performed by: Cameron Taylor


released January 20, 2018

Original Sample Credit: Mr B


all rights reserved



Cameron Taylor Charlottesville, Virginia

I Love Music I have been trying to create music my whole life and this profile will have multiple different rap songs I've made! Your in for a real surprise! I also have a YouTube channel if you wanna check that out along with a Twitter.

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Track Name: Alter Ego
Okay turn my mic up
They be talkin pipe up
I be talkin holy hip-hop like a worship
They be smokin out gettin turnt up
I be in my room gettin burnt up, like a house fire

How am I suppose to compete
With kids makin beats
Off a Kindle Fire
I'm being serious
These High School kids are delerious
You gotta be hearin this
If it pops in my feeds,
Then you know I'm clearin it
All these kids got an Alter Ego
They wanna rap, but once their friends call them out for it
They get all feeble
Their mommy tells them they have to delete their channel

"But mom, I spit straight fire its like I'm kerosene!"

"Aww son, come on, you're only 13.
And maybe, if you were getting somehwere, then I would understand,
But you don't rap well and you only got hmmm... maybe ten fans."

Y'all hate me cuz I'm good
I say it straight cuz I don't care
And you can tell the skills there
And I got it from God
So if you wanna thank anyone, go make a prayer

I'm not tryna be conceded
But I made a track "Sit Down"
And y'all still ain't seated

I don't understand anybody anymore so,
If you got a problem with me
Leave it at the door
For the High School kids,
You better leave it at the morgue
Bury the beat along with them
For right now, Ima settle this
Once and for all
I'm movin up in the ranks
You better give me a call

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